Pearson recognizes International School of Creative Science – Muwaileh as among the best British curriculum schools in Sharjah

Students at the International School of Creative Science received The Pearson Outstanding Learning Award for their high-achieving academics, receiving the highest marks in the top three categories.
To students who received a minimum of five A/A* in GCSE or International GCSE or a minimum of three A/A* in GCE/IAL in June 2017, Pearson awarded “Pearson High Achievers” certificates. These were for the subjects, Mathematics, Human Biology, Classical Arabic, Arabic First Language, and Physics for iGCSE and Business Studies for A Levels.
Six students were recognized for their achievements under the categories of “Highest Marks in the World,” “Highest Marks in the Middle East,” and “Highest Marks in the UAE.” These dedicated and hardworking students are a testimony to determination and commitment to quality education fostered at the school. With a focus on creating a supportive learning environment that encourages students to develop their skills, International School of Creative Science – Muwaileh is ready to help each child achieve the very best possible.
For the school’s Pearson Award achievers, the title of “Highest Marks in the World” in iGCSE Mathematics went to Ansari Mohammed Hamza, whilst in iGCSE Physics, Abdullah Ahmed received “Highest Marks in the Middle East.” “Highest Marks in the UAE” in the subject iGCSE Human Biology was achieved by Fatma Moustafa Ahmed Mohamed Eltayeb. In the subjects iGCSE Arabic (First Language) and Classical Arabic, “Highest Marks in the UAE” were attained by Heba Farid Abed and Luqman Obaid Rashid Al-Maani, respectively. In A Levels, Aishah Anis received the honor of scoring the “Highest Marks in the Middle East.”
Mr. Salah Bukhatir, the chairman and CEO of Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management (BEAM) reflected on the students’ achievements, “It is a great honour to witness our students rank among the highest achievers both regionally and globally and is a testimony of our students’ hard work and determination. Our consistent efforts in providing high standards of teaching and learning has been demonstrated by this year’s cohort and we are committed to providing our students with one of the best education systems that can help them in their future.” International School of Creative Science – Muwaileh consistently ranks as one of the best British curriculum schools in Sharjah. With these students’ outstanding achievements, and more to come, the school and its pupils will continue to shine as an example of a top achiever amongst British curriculum schools in UAE.

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