Professional Training

Beam offers Professional Learning and development under the flag of Bukhatir Training and Development Center (BTD). BTD is geared towards teacher and education systems training for both teaching and non-teaching staff so that they are fully equipped to operate for the modern day work environment in our schools.

Courses span the fields of Education, finance and accounting, business communication, IT, HR, personal development, and other professional courses.

In future, BTD will be also launching specialized teacher training programs for schools in the region. 

Lighting the way to a modern school system

that equips students with a world-class education
underlined by a traditional upbringing.

The Learning and Organization Development Team and the BEAM Education Team are actively involved in supporting the BEAM schools’ learning needs. The team runs several learning projects for the school employees and have been trailblazers in initiating several unique learning and organization development solutions.

Some of these unique projects are described below:

Visible learning Make learning visible at beam creative science schools

Through the three-year Visible Learning journey, BEAM creative science schools are able to shift the focus from what teachers are teaching to what students are learning. Visible Learning means to all BEAM educators as an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching. According to John Hattie Visible Learning, teaching occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

As all BEAM Creative Science Schools are visible Learning communities, the approach to teaching and learning based on the work of Professor John Hattie and his synthesis of over 800 meta-analysis relating to achievement to find out what factors have the most positive effect on students' outcomes. At all BEAM schools, we have developed a shared language of learning, this includes students, all staff members and parents. Students at BEAM Creative Science Schools are ‘assessment capable learners' this means they have a deep understanding of what effective learning is, where they are going, how they are going and where they need to go next with their learning.

All BEAM VL certified and accredited Visible Learning Trainers refer to “visible learning” as “a new understanding of the enhanced role of teachers in which teachers are most successful when they become evaluators of their own teaching. Hence, at our schools, BEAM educators develop visible-learning ways of thinking as more likely to have major impacts on student learning. Our students develop a comfort level with how to approach a new problem and learn through missteps and failures – in a safe, learning-centered environment. It’s an emerging thought of teaching that is challenging both those who teach and those who shape the environment for learning.

Project Step

Envisioned by Sheikh Salah and designed and developed by the HR Learning & Development team, STEP works on a simple 5A philosophy:

Awareness Creation – of your own strengths and areas of opportunity by using a scientific profiling tool.

Agree – on a learning path through a development conversation with a qualified coach.

Acquire – knowledge and skills through a user- friendly Learning Management System and interactive E-Learning Courses

Apply – the learning in your day-to-day work life

Attend – classroom learning sessions with a qualified trainer to seal the learning.

The organization has tied up with external vendors and consultants to procure the various tools and technology and bring this project to fruition. Globally recognized brands like DISC and Skillsoft are partners in this journey. The core team of in-house coaches has gone through a certification program to qualify themselves to manage this initiative.


We have developed an internal learning management system in-house to give our teaching and non-teaching staff the opportunity to learn new skills at their own pace. Our customized system enables employees to access courses at their convenience and strengthen their knowledge anywhere at any time! Self-paced, digital learning is the need of the hour and the L&OD team caters to this very need through this user-friendly tool.

Development Plans

We have created a number of policies on employee development; all our staff are expected to have developmental goals that strengthen their soft and technical skills. Our line managers work closely with employees to further enhance their skills and work on upskilling them for career ladder opportunities.

All the above initiatives tie in together in the form of an integrated network of learning and development.

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