BEAM honoured by Promethean with
Major International Award for
Advanced Classroom
Learning Technology.

Intl School of Creative Science-Nad Al Shiba
Groundbreaking 10th December 2014
Campus Opening Soon
UK & MOE Dual Curriculum
American School of Creative Science
US & MOE Dual Curriculum
Campus Opening since September 2013.
Intl School of Creative Science
UK & MOE Dual Curriculum
Campus Operating Since 2002
Designated'Highly Effective with Distinction'
by the UAE MOE.
Leading light in the education sector
Leading light in the education sector known for its highly qualified staff,
innovative teaching,
efficient systems,
and more than a decade long experience.
Beam Higher Education
Shaping a society of dreamers and achievers
who have the capacity to excel in the international professional arena.
Beam Schools
Lighting the way to a modern school system
that equips students with a world-class education
underlined by a traditional upbringing.
Beam Professional
Competitive skills development
and accredited training

for the modern day
work environment.

Beam Schools


Beam is the operator of the UAE based Creative Science schools including the dual-curriculum British school in Sharjah, The International School of Creative Science (ISCS), and the soon-to-be-launched dual curriculum American school scheduled for 2013.

For information on the unique, culturally rooted, dual-curriculum international schools operated by Beam, please click here [Hyperlink to K-12 Schools].


Beam provides 360-degrees, highly institutionalized management services for schools owned by third parties. These services range from academic and operational engagement with new or existing schools, to ancillary start up engagement for new schools. The services are targeted towards existing operators, as well as investors and developers with no prior experience in education.

In addition to its focus on academic achievement, Beam provides school owners a reliable partner who equally emphasizes creation of best-in-class institutional framework for organizational and operational efficiency, as well as sustainable financial performance.

For a detailed list of services, please click here [Hyperlink to Services].

Beam Higher Education

Beam Higher Education embodies the vision to provide modern higher education options to the youth in the UAE and regionally. Based in the emirate of Sharjah, Beam is launching a western private higher education college built around the paramount objective of providing world class, high quality, and modern education in a unique, disciplined and moderate environment that is built on the ethos reflective of the Middle Eastern culture and norms.

The college will initially launch with three faculties: Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Humanities, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Technology & Applied Health Sciences.

For more information, please click here [Hyperlink to Platforms > Higher Education]

Beam Professional

Beam Professional is geared towards corporate and professional clients, offering competitive skills development and training for the modern day work environment.

Beam provides both standard programs for individuals as well as customized training programs as per the specific needs of its corporate clients spanning the fields of finance and accounting, IT systems, business communication, HR, personal development, and other professional courses.

Beam is also launching specialized teacher training programs for schools in the region.
For more information, please click here [Hyperlink to Platforms > Professional Training]