3 Thoughts on Ramadan and Education

For many, spirituality and education go hand in hand. Ramadan, a spiritual month for Muslims around the world, is an excellent time for people to embrace the spirit of learning. Read on to explore some of ideas one can take from the month of Ramadan.

What we think is unachievable is within our reach

Throughout the year we often chalk up our successes and failures to external factors. We complain about being busy, being wronged by others, not having enough time and too many responsibilities. Through this month, we are reminded by all those that fast during the day, keeping hunger and thirst bay, that anything is within our reach if we try hard enough. People overcome the initial pangs of hunger and drowsiness and within a few days, those feelings are replaced with renewed focus and determination.

Despite changes, life continues

While the month can be difficult, we aim to instill certain values in children. During Ramadan, children learn how people challenge their body, spirit and mind and come out on top. They see the embrace of the month’s difficulties and despite those, people can adopt a strategic approach to success. The shorter school days are geared to encourage the students to learn in shorter, more intense spurts. And the extra hours in the day also provide more time for the students to prepare for the exams that are to follow shortly after Ramadan.

Learning to reflect

Ramadan is also an important time to reflect on their actions. With more time in the day to reflect, students have more time to absorb material. It is also a welcome opportunity to reflect on how we go about our daily lives, including our diets. For both students and teachers fasting, the best way to stay alert and focus throughout the month is by focusing more on nutritious meals than large meals that are unhealthy and oily.

After Eid, the schools will resume and exams will follow shortly. We wish all our students the best of luck and a blessed month ahead.

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