5 Benefits Of Choosing American Primary Education In The UAE

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The prime concern of any parent worldwide is their child’s education. Many factors must be considered while choosing the right school for primary education. This includes curriculum, educational programs, learning environment, and culture.

In the UAE, primary education is considered compulsory from the age of 5. Therefore, being the initial education given to a child at school, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure quality primary education for their children.

In this blog, we discuss some practical benefits of choosing American primary education in the UAE.


Importance Of Primary Education For Children

In the academic year 2019-20, the number of students enrolled at primary schools in the UAE was around 462,000. The necessity of primary schooling has been spreading over the past few decades, promoting the fundamental right to education for all children worldwide.

Primary school education is considered the solid foundation of development for every child. Children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills during primary schooling that prepare them for future challenges.

Primary schooling also significantly improves a child’s awareness and offers several learning opportunities. Apart from academic progress, it aims to necessarily impact a child’s holistic development, including their social and economic background.


Benefits Of Choosing American Primary Education In The UAE

Primary schooling focuses extensively on both teaching and personality development of the children. In the UAE, American primary schools focus on individual attention and academic progress. 

Here’re some benefits of choosing American primary education for your child:

Improve Personality And Behaviour

American primary schooling is not all about academic learning and grades. It is also about honing several social and emotional skills in children that eventually develop their personality and behavior.

Children learn time management, the importance of discipline, and different learning methods. Therefore, primary education can never be understated as it is the fundamental step toward mandatory education.

Good Friendships And Productive Interactions

Primary school education helps children in forming great friendships with their classmates. It can be achieved through playtimes, group activities, or group studies. This bonding must be encouraged as it can develop their social and cultural skills.

They also learn about teamwork and collaborative efforts through combined discussions held inside the classroom. It can contribute to a child’s personal development and learning enthusiasm.

Enhance Communicative Skills

A child’s spoken language abilities are believed to develop from the ages of 3 to 5. This ability is improved in the classroom through regular interactions and communicative activities.

American primary schools put forward an interactive setting where group activities and discussions are important, and children get opportunities to develop their language skills.

Improve Confidence

Primary education is an essential factor when it comes to building confidence in children. The atmosphere it creates for the students makes them physically and mentally active and enthusiastic.

Apart from giving a sense of safety to the students, American primary schools offer opportunities for proactive interactions and healthy discussions that instill confidence in the children

Develop Ideal Learners

The first stage of learning happens in primary schools, which plays an important role in developing academic skills in students.

Primary education gives the students a perfect place to learn and grow. It is more than just grades. Primary schools in the UAE ensure individual development and independent learning in their students.


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As a parent, it is important to understand the necessity of primary education for your child.
The above-mentioned benefits of primary education will help you understand the importance of primary education and why its universalization has been a global achievement for the world.

BEAM schools guarantee quality primary education focusing on academic excellence and individual development while adopting a comprehensive approach to providing an ideal learning environment.

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