Does your child have a homework phobia? 

You often have noticed your children skipping their homework assignments. They procrastinate, make hundreds of excuses and delay their homework assignments as much as they can. 

Have you ever wondered why they do that? 

Homework assignments make children stressed and worried, and sometimes give them major anxiety attacks! They are unable to feel the pressure of being ‘graded’ and skip it without realizing how important it is for them. 

Homework is essentially needed to evaluate students on what they have learned so far. It also provides a chance for parents to keep a check and balance on their kid’s academic progress. 

In this blog, we have discussed five useful strategies that will help students tackle homework and overcome their homework phobia.

Let’s delve right into them! 

Strategies to help students tackle homework

Prepare a Timetable

One of the first things to do is to create a well-planned timetable that clearly outlines the subjects and time required for each.

Before starting, prioritize the assignments that need to be completed first. Pick a convenient time of the day and build a detailed time schedule. This will save a lot of time and will help you maintain the habit of keeping the homework on track without any distractions.

Make it a habit to strictly follow the timetable so that the homework gets regularly completed on time.

Set Up An Organized Study Space

It’s crucial to find a quiet and organized study space far from all the external noises so that the children do not get distracted easily.

But the case depends on the students because some of them always need their parents nearby to help them with their homework. But make sure to keep your study space neat and tidy so that you always get positive vibes.

Therefore, personalizing a study corner can help build a peaceful space for doing your homework.

Take Frequent Breaks While Doing Homework

This is one of the best homework strategies ever! 

Take 5-10 minutes of break sessions to refresh your mind while doing homework. 

Do the kind of activities that give your body and mind a break like taking long breaths, laughing, going for a walk, etc. This will help you re-energize and re-focus.

A small tip on the side: If the number of homework assignments is larger to handle, split them into smaller parts so that it’ll help complete the work efficiently. It’s always a burden to do homework for long hours without any breaks

Avoid Mobile Phone Usage While Doing Homework

If you are looking for a strategy that really works, avoiding mobile phones can miraculously help.

Devices like mobile phones, laptops, pcs and TVs create major distractions in the study space, and avoiding them seems to be an easy way to complete homework on time. 

Social media is one of the major reasons why children are glued to their phones all the time. They feel anxious and lost if they do not find their phones with them.

Keep the phone away from the study corner, possibly in a bag or in the drawer. This will make you focus on the homework without any distractions.

Dedicate A Time Slot For Your Homework

Everybody has their time of the day where they actually feel energized and refreshed.

So pick your own time to do the homework effectively. There will be specific hours in a day where children feel most efficient and creative. This usually depends on the study habits of the students as some might need their parents’ help on the assignments.

Therefore, identifying the right time to do the homework is really important so as to get the maximum results.

Tackling homework is no rocket science. With the application of the right strategies and tips, children can easily get rid of their fear and stress over doing homework assignments. 

Practicing and personalizing the above strategies can make the whole process of doing homework fun and enjoyable. All it takes is a little bit of effort and an attempt.
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