5 Useful Tips For Selecting The Best School In Dubai

Are you looking for a good school in Dubai for you little one? 

There are several schools in Dubai, so it often becomes challenging for the parents to choose the right school for their kids. 

And with several concerns and considerations of parents, the process becomes even more challenging! 

From education standards, teacher-student ratios, discipline policies, and extracurricular activities, parents consider several factors before making an informed decision about their kids’ school. 

In this blog, we have compiled the most important factors that you need to consider which will spare you the hassle of uncountable school tours, recommendations from friends and family and endless brochures, and make your ‘selecting the right school’ journey less daunting! 

What Are You Looking For?

Before jumping on the factors, it is wise to make a list of qualities you look for in a perfect school. 

  • Keeping the expectations of parents in Dubai, we have gathered a list of qualities to help you get started. 
  • Internationally Accredited Education System
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Dedicated Faculty & Staff
  • High-quality American or British Curriculum
  • Personalized Learning Approach
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Diverse Learning Programs

Feel free to add anything into this list  

5 Useful Tips for Selecting The Best School In Dubai

Approach To Learning And Development

Several schools make huge claims about their holistic approach, top-notch faculty, and teaching methodologies. 

As parents, you need to check whether those claims are true or not. Conduct extensive research by reading reviews of the short-listed schools. If you have time, we recommend you paying a visit to the schools and interacting with the faculty as it would provide you a clearer picture. 

Make sure that the school follows a holistic approach and focuses on students’ academic growth, personal development and career growth. 


It is important to consider the track record and reputation of the school. 

Does the school hold a great reputation? Has it been awarded or recognized by any established entity? Have they ever been accused of any controversy? Who manages and contributes to the school’s funds?

You must find out answers to the above questions.

School Culture

School culture holds immense significance. As parents, you must be concern whether your child will fit in a school which accommodates people from all parts of the world.  

UAE has a diverse population with a majority of Arabs. This means that the schools in Dubai have people from different religions, groups and ethnicities. 

We recommend you visiting the schools in Dubai that you have short-listed and observe the school culture first-hand. Meet the parents whose children are already studying there and enquire about their and their children experiences.

Make sure that your selected school has a great culture that treats all individuals with equal respect and care, and that they have strict regulations on maintaining such a healthy culture.

Accommodation and Travel

Careful consideration needs to be done when it comes to finding affordable accommodation near the school for the family. 

It is always wise to pick a nearby school to avoid traffic. It is also necessary to check whether there are enough bus routes to the school from where you live so your child can conveniently go to school.

Stick to your budget

Do extensive research and enquire about the costs which include admission fees, tuition fees, application fees, security deposit, books and stationery. 

Uniforms are an integral part of any school. We recommend you research about its prices too. 

Also check if there are any costs associated with the extra-curricular activities of your child. For instance, the school management may ask you to buy a new jersey for your kid. 

Parent-Teacher Engagement

Effective and transparent communication between parents and teachers, at least once a year. It is advisable that the school actively encourages you to take part in the process of learning, sharing feedbacks and participating in educational programs.

Your child's education is one of the most important decisions you're ever going to make. Do consider the above factors to choose the best school in Dubai for your child. 

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