5 Ways Parent Can Help Children Excel at American School of Creative Science

It’s no surprise that a child’s learning starts early in the home, long before they are old enough to attend school. But parents know that even when a child starts school, conventional schooling is just part of their education. So what can parents do to ensure their children are in the best position to learn and do well at school and in life?

It has been shown that when parents are involved with their child’s school, they are more likely to excel. This can be as simple as getting to know your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year and keeping in touch with them. Also get to know other faculty at the school so you know who to contact when you have particular concerns. Attending parent-teacher conferences is vital to keep up with your child’s academic and behavioral progress. Another way to stay involved with the school is to participate in school events and volunteer to help out with activities.

Encouraging your child to read is also prepares them to excel at their studies as well as later in life. Reading helps children in all subjects in school by boosting comprehension. Sparking an interest in reading in your child can lead to a lifelong appreciation for learning. To make the process fun at home, parents can read to their children, form mini-book clubs, give them books as presents, and always be sure to have many books available in the house. When visiting the school, you can help your child select a library book to take home.

Even though your child will have a top-tier education at the leader of American curriculum schools in Sharjah, it’s still vital to keep an open line of communication with their child. Talking with and listening to family members helps kids pick up valuable language and empathy skills. Children who don’t hear a lot of talking have a harder time listening, paying attention, interacting with their peers, and following directions at school. Children should also be encouraged to be expressive at home and should feel that their parents are interested in what they have to say.

When at home, make a point of supporting physical activity. Whether in the form of after-school sports or morning exercise, moving about helps children focus later in the day. It also lets them de-stress and therefore perform better at school. Children who get a good amount of physical movement during the day can cope better with the demands of school and homework. For students who have trouble paying attention, it can increase concentration, and decrease distractions so that they can enjoy learning at one of the best American curriculum schools in Sharjah.

As parents, it is important to understand your child’s traits and personality. Not all children learn the same way. Learn about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether they are a better learner inside or outside the classroom, are more logical or creative, or understand better visually or linguistically –see how the teacher is catering to your child’s needs and where you can fill in the gaps. At home, boost their understanding of topics by making fun activities that are specifically tailored to your child’s learning style.

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