Challenges Faced by Elementary School Students In 2022

There are several challenges that elementary students face, and after COVID-19, the challenges have only aggravated.

The bitter repercussions of COVID-19 changed the face of the elementary school culture as the elementary students had to suddenly get familiar with online classes and virtual learning. 

This unexpected transition to a new normal and returning to the physical classrooms in 2022 has made things difficult for elementary school students.

In this blog, we will walk you through the challenges faced by elementary school students in 2022 post pandemic. 

Elementary School Education During COVID-19

The pandemic has harshly affected the worldwide education system following a sudden shift to online learning. This unexpected change adversely affected the close interaction between teachers and students in the classroom, significantly impacting the teaching-learning process.

The lack of in-person activities made it difficult for the children to build and sustain friendships, especially for elementary school students who had just passed Kindergarten. 

One of the significant problems children faced was how the lectures and classes had moved online. It became complicated as students found it hard to concentrate for long periods over video lectures. It also became challenging for the teachers to identify and clear students’ doubts and queries. 

Elementary School Education Post COVID-19

Schools remained closed for almost two years because of the pandemic.

While the schools tried their best to welcome the students with well-equipped classrooms and academic essentialities, getting back to physical classrooms wasn’t easy for the elementary school students. Students felt uncomfortable adjusting to physical classes as they were used to the quarantine routine. They found it difficult to follow SOPs and maintain social distancing. 

Some students found hybrid routines difficult to follow where the schools offered both physical and virtual classes. Students found difficulty in balancing physical and online classes simultaneously. 

Several elementary students faced challenges because of the ineffective kindergarten education provided using virtual tools. They couldn't properly receive the basic education - numbers, alphabets, basic words and sentences, which are necessary for starting elementary school.

Challenges Faced By Elementary Students in Classroom  

Emotional and Social Development

Children have not been socially active or engaged for over a year due to a global pandemic. With online classes, they had to do more individual work than group activities.

Students returning to school in 2022 are mostly seen dealing with a lot of stress over altered living conditions, loss of loved ones, and educational changes. 

Teachers should prioritize emotional and social learning strategies to help children get back to their everyday lives in such situations.nbsp;

Dependence on Technology

Due to increased virtual learning, students have become more reliant on technology and electronic gadgets. Elementary school students often use smartphones and computers to get their coursework and assignments.

Though technology helps children in their studies and social engagements, it can also disconnect them from the outside world. Therefore, both parents and teachers must help them develop skills for handling technology that will eventually benefit them.

For elementary school students, make sure of activities like analog weekend that require them to disconnect from technology and do physical activities.nbsp;

Prioritize Mental Health And Well-Being

Students have gone through numerous pressures and unrest over the last few  years, and those can still haunt them when they return to school. Teaching in 2022 will have to give equal importance to mental health issues seen among school students.

Remind your child to take three deep breaths whenever they feel stressed and overwhelmed. Teachers should conduct exercises that promote a healthy mindset for at least 15 mins every day.

These challenges will help parents and teachers to get a clear picture of the challenges faced by elementary school students, and enable them to tackle them accordingly. 

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