How Beam helps staff reach their full potential

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (Beam) manages the American and International Schools of Creative Science in the UAE in Sharjah and Dubai. Beam is an organization that is committed to providing quality education with the best international curricula so that our young learners may excel. Our quality assurance strategies include staff welfare and job enrichment, both of which ensure students and teachers are getting the best educational experience possible. 

Beam believes that our excellent staff is full of highly qualified individuals, and we aim to cater to them in order to ensure they can achieve their best. We also work with staff through our wellness program to provide support during life’s inevitable ups and downs.  

Our staff wellness programs incorporate policies and activities to ensure employees are healthy and happy. We believe that a happier and healthier staff can be a far more productive with less stress, and fewer illnesses and mental health issues.

We feel committed to serving the best interests of our staff members and wish to ensure they have access to a program that will provide them with tools necessary to address mental health needs, increase happiness, alleviate stress and resolve health issues.

We here at Beam support our staff’s:

Health: We are committed to supporting staff wellbeing through our health benefits program. As well as providing comprehensive medical benefits, our program undertakes key initiatives to create a healthier staff environment.

Fitness: Fitness is foundational to a healthy life, and that’s why we encourage staff to exercise and maintain fitness levels. Not only will they be healthier, more energetic, and more motivated, they will also set an excellent example for our students.

Teamwork: To increase employee loyalty and happiness, we use team building exercises and away days for staff to bring everyone closer together. Activities allow everyone to work together for a better experience and a more collaborative work environment.

Dietary needs: We think that encouraging healthy eating is key in a modern professional environment, especially one where students are looking to our teachers to learn what they should do. Whether it is done through lectures, cafeteria menus, or office emails, we hope to ensure employee wellness with a healthy balanced diet.

Socializing: We understand that it can’t be “all work and no play.” We regularly host staff socials and there are staff-only social clubs based on common interests. We focus on creating an open and sociable work environments where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Education: As teachers, our staff knows that learning is a life-long adventure. Activities like workshops, trainings, lectures, and book clubs can all help build our staff’s knowledge base and enrich their job experience. The education they receive through a lecture or workshop can be motivating and enriching, leaving staff better equipped to handle responsibilities at work.

Using these multiple strategies, Beam hopes to increase staff health and job performance through our motivational programs that support a better, happier work environment.

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