How To Choose The Right School For Secondary Education In The UAE

Are you looking for a good secondary education school in the UAE for your child?

Do you feel confused about what factors to consider when selecting a school?

Many schools in the UAE offer quality secondary education that focuses on providing top-class education and facilities. So it is often a daunting task for parents to choose the right schools for their kids.

Secondary education in the UAE lasts for three years, laying the foundation for essential skills for future challenges and life goals. Therefore, it is vital to identify the right secondary education school for your child that nourishes their talents for holistic development.

In this blog, we discuss the important factors that you need to consider before choosing a secondary education school for your child

Key Qualities of A Good Secondary School

Before we get started on the factors, you need to know the vital qualities of a secondary education school.

Here are a few crucial points that’ll help you while making a list of schools in the UAE for your child

  • A Quality School Policy And Vision
  • Top Expectations For The Students
  • Reliable School Faculty And Teachers
  • Personalized Learning Approach
  • Safe Learning Environment
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • High-Quality American or British Curriculum

Only a school that meets all the above criteria can provide a quality education that contributes to the personal and professional development of the students.

Factors to Consider While You Choose The Right School For Secondary Education

Look for your child’s strengths and learning methods

It is always wise to ask your child about their interests and goals in life. Since the next 4 to 5 years is necessary for creating good values and skills, take ample time to listen to your kid while they talk about their strengths.

Assist your child in figuring out what they are good at and what they want their academic journey to look like. 

Open conversations with your child about their interests will help you make an informed choice on a good secondary school.

Academic Facilities

Every secondary education school has its own learning environment and facilities. Therefore, make sure to look for the school's educational programs, academic amenities, and culture.

It is necessary to align your child’s interests with the school’s offerings. Understand what educational programs the school provides to the students. 

These facilities and programs need to be well-maintained with the teaching and learning procedures of the school.

Location And Cost

Location is one of the significant factors to consider while looking for a school. It can help you determine whether to opt for public or private transport.

Make sure to look through the after-school activities and playtimes allotted by the school so that the transportation and safety can be easily managed.

Costs can also affect the selection of a secondary education school. Look for affordable tuition fees and how the additional costs are charged for extra-curricular programs, camps, and uniforms

Extra-curricular Activities

The UAE has a diverse range of schools that offer different cultural and educational programs. These include music, drama, arts, science, and various career-oriented activities.

Try to get an idea of what kind of extra-curricular activities the school offer and how these can help your child’s future. Ensure the availability of clubs and programs that contribute to your child's interests.

Prepare A Short List

Always make a detailed list of schools you wish to look into further. This list will help you get a clear idea of the kind of facilities and programs your child needs.

You can even divide them into several categories based on the interests and goals of your child. The categories can align with the management, values, location, costs, academic needs, and teaching standards.

Keep Long-Term Goals In Mind

Always remember that the decision regarding your child's secondary education should depend on your child's interests and strengths. The right secondary education school should open doors of opportunities in the future.

Collaborative teaching styles, learning strategies, and personal development opportunities should be considered while selecting a school for your child, as these provide the key to facing future challenges.

If you’re looking for quality secondary education for your child, BEAM schools offer the best education focusing on career-oriented academic programs and personal development. Find out more about us here.

Taking all the benefits of secondary education into consideration, parents should be able to identify the right school that offers a holistic learning experience to children. Therefore, make sure to consider the above factors while choosing a secondary school for your child.

BEAM schools are committed to academic excellence, self-development, and a personalized learning approach while providing comprehensive facilities and programs to the students.

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