How To Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten In UAE

Teach Them How to Make Friends

While the journey of enrolling your little one into kindergarten is exciting for you, it’s most probably the opposite for your kid. They aren’t used to seeing unfamiliar faces and interacting with them on a daily basis.

According to this research publication, children go through trajectories of anxiety during the initial years of the school.

That’s why the first thing you need to do is help them overcome their shyness and make them familiar with the ‘meeting new people’ process.

Here are a few drills you can try to teach your child how to make new friends or at least become comfortable around them.

Children Clubs

There are many workshops and clubs where children are admitted from 3 years old. Try to sign up your child for such clubs and programs.

Your child will see other children of their age group, and may be encouraged to be comfortable around them, interact with them and even make them friends.

Nearby Park Visits

If you live in city areas like Nad Al Sheba, kids may engage less with other kids.

You can promote your child's socialization skills (like sharing, listening, empathy, respecting others, cooperating, etc.) by taking them to parks and playgrounds.

While supervising their activities is essential, let them evolve with other children.

Family Gatherings

Organize dinner and lunch meeting with families, friends and acquaintances.

This will help them stay surrounded by people which will include their aunts, uncles and even kids of their age, and they won’t feel awkward when they see a lot of people around them in kindergarten.

Make Them Familiar with The Kindergarten School In UAE

The majority of the children show reluctancy and stubbornness on their first day of kindergarten mainly because the place is unknown for them.

A little glimpse of their kindergarten school once, twice or thrice a week will help them feel less anxious and awkward.

Show your child what their kindergarten school looks like. Let them observe the buildings and the surroundings, and get familiar with them. If possible, give them a quick tour of the classrooms as well.

Let your children ask as many questions as they want. Make sure you give them as much information as possible.

If possible, introduce their future teacher as well. Let the teacher interact with your child and make your child comfortable. Explain fun activities they will do with new friends and even share your childhood memories.

This technique will work wonders. Kindergarten schools in UAE are beautifully built with spacious classrooms and vibrant-colored walls and décor. Rather than being afraid and anxious on their first day, they may be excited to embark on their kindergarten journey.

Buy School Supplies Together

Kindergarten schools in UAE send a list of supplies to parents to buy before the start of the school year. It can include a couple of things like American curriculum or British curriculum books, basic stationary items, uniforms, etc.

Involve your child in the shopping process to make them familiarize with their new kindergarten journey.

Check together if you have not forgotten anything and explain how they will use these supplies. Let them buy a ‘spider-man’ or a ‘bat-man’ themed school bag. This will instill excitement into your little ones!

Help them prepare the bag before the first day of their school.

A little heads up for the parents - Gather all the necessary documents that the school asked you. For instance, check that your child is up to date with their vaccinations.

Healthy Interactions About Kindergarten Education

Kindergarten is a totally new experience for the kid. They would be surrounded by new people including teachers and other classmates in a new atmosphere.

Besides, this would be the first time that the child will stay away from home for some time.

Conduct healthy interactions about kindergarten education with your kid. Show them the pictures of their new school, share experiences of their older sisters or brothers. You can even share your own kindergarten experiences. This will encourage your little one to become comfortable and even ask questions about their new kindergarten journey.

Glimpse of Kindergarten Life At Home

Give them a demo of the kindergarten schools in UAE at your home.

You can teach your children the following fundamental etiquettes they must and should know before their first day at kindergarten.

  • Eating Meals Properly
  • Packing Lunch Meals
  • Cleaning Up
  • Potty Training
  • Reading Books
  • Playing At Set Times

Your kids might take some time getting used to these rules. Practicing these drills at home in a playful way will make their first day at kindergarten less stressful.

Other than teaching these principal skills to your little ones, you can also emotionally prepare them for the big day.

We have gathered a list of fun books that you can read out to your kids to help ease their kindergarten jitters.

  • “Curious George Goes to School” by M. Rey & H.A. Rey
  • “First Day Jitters” by J. Danneberg
  • “I am absolutely too small for school” by L. Child
  • “I love school!” by P. Sturges & S. Halpern
  • “Leo the Late Bloomer” by R. Kraus
  • “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten” by J. Slate
  • “Mr. George Baker” by A. Hest & J.J. Muth
  • “The Kissing Hand” by A. Penn
  • “Will I Have a Friend?” by M. Cohen

With all this preparation, you can make your child’s big kindergarten transition smooth and positive for both of you.

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