Islamic Schools in Dubai - A Guide for Parents

If you are a parent looking for an excellent Islamic school for your little one but are confused about which one to pick, you are in the right place. This blog is for you! A generation ago, when you were in school, making educational choices was simpler. Parents picked a school nearby that fit their budget and had a good reputation. There wasn’t much difference in the teaching patterns and curriculum, and choosing a school wasn’t that big deal. Times have changed. Competition has become fierce. Parents now have more choices and are more concerned about picking the right school for their kids. Now, we have magnet programs, charter schools, virtual schools, and private schools to name a few. Even though UAE is a Muslim country with more than 76% of the population practicing Islam and in several Islamic schools, parents still find the selection of Islamic schools daunting.  

Factors To Consider When Picking A Islamic School

Here is what you need to think about when picking an Islamic school in the UAE

The Reputation Of The School

You definitely don’t want your child studying in a school that teaches extremism or fosters feelings of hatred towards other religions or minorities. You need a school that does not shape Islam as a tough religion or use fear to attract children towards Islam. On the contrary, you need a school that develops a love for Islam, does not compromise education, and so on. Before picking a school, asses its reputation, ask around, talk to other parents, and discuss with the school authorities.

Quality of Education

The quality of education is exceptionally significant. You want your kids to learn in a competitive environment with international education standards. Look at the credentials of the teachers and know who your kids will be learning from. Look at their education, experience, and more. 
Teachers and students significantly influence the kids and their personalities. So make sure you pick the right ones. Also, look at the quality of infrastructure. Make sure your kids get a comfortable and safe learning space.

Check the Tuition Fees

Education has become increasingly expensive, especially in the UAE. So, before you decide, make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed the fees. This includes monthly fees, travel expenses, costs of co-curricular expenses, and more. Look for a school that you can afford in the long run as well, not just for one year

Importance Of Admitting Your Child To An Islamic School

Enrolling your child in an Islamic school in the UAE has tremendous benefits. But first, use the criteria given above to select the right school. You can only yield the benefits when you pick a good school. Here are some of the many benefits your child will receive if enrolled in an Islamic school:

Grow Into A Life Of Islamic Manners & Rituals

Living in a culturally-diverse company like the UAE means your child is exposed to different cultures, religions, and traditions. Enrolling in an Islamic school helps your child stay connected to their Islamic roots and see Islam in practice. An Islamic school will help your child learn about the protocols set by Islam for everyday manners and behaviors. It’s an excellent way to develop Islamic behaviors in your children and educate them on the glory of Islam while making them respectful towards other religions.

Learn Different Subjects In A Universally-Accepted Language

Your child will learn different things in English, making it simpler for them. You don’t have to worry about your child drowning in different languages. Make learning more straightforward and convenient for your child for modern education and Islamic teachings.

Get Spiritually & Scientifically Knowledgeable

Enrolling your child in a well-reputed Islamic school in the UAE means your child will have the opportunity to get scientific and spiritual knowledge. The education system has become competitive, and students don’t get time to enroll in something else, making it difficult for them to take time to learn their religion. Therefore, enrolling in an Islamic school means your child will get the best of both worlds without investing more time or money. An Islamic school has a dual curriculum in which modern education and Islamic teachings are handled together.

Give your child the opportunity to learn about their religion and get familiar with the history, teachings, and culture of the religion. Your children need to stay connected to their religion; enrolling them in an Islamic school is the way to go.

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