Positive Effects Of Having Sports Activities In Dubai & Sharjah Schools

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A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Research by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has proved this old saying by revealing that regular physical exercise could boost brain capacity in young adults.

Incorporating sports activities in Dubai & Sharjah schools has been shown to help keep children from being overweight or obese, which can lead to various health problems. They also necessarily help develop collaborative abilities, self-confidence, and social skills.

It is critical for parents to understand the need and benefits of including sports activities in Dubai & Sharjah. schools and how they create a positive outcome for children.

The Need For Sports Activities In School Curriculum

Did you know that a child who participates in sports scores higher in academics and is healthier than a child who does not? 

Now you know!  As a result, schools must make sports activities for children compulsory in the curriculum. 

Today's educators and trainers who research school curricula and child development recognize the value of sports in education. Sports can help create more holistic development, which is the goal.

Physical activity has been related to better memory and cognitive performance in the brain. School sports activities help children make their minds sharp, their bodies fit, and their study routine disciplined. 

Positive effects of sports activities on students

Improves Physical Health

Since sports and health go hand in hand, including physical activity in the school routine can stimulate the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, strengthening and nourishing them.

Along with a lower risk of obesity, sports activities in schools can improve heart muscle performance and prevent other lifestyle diseases. With a physically fit body, children develop a stronger mind and a healthier life .

Builds Discipline

Discipline is one of the most vital skills that children must develop from a very young age.

Sports, as opposed to idle students, keep students active in some or all activities, such as exercising, following a diet, and so on, keeping them away from undesirable things like alcohol and drug addiction.

In Dubai & Sharjah schools, sports activities for children are mostly given equal importance as academics, and they have significantly added to the overall growth of students.

Develop Social Skills & Emotional Fitness

One of the positive effects of having sports activities in schools is that they enhance the social skills of students, that’ll make them future-ready.

Sports help people feel like they belong. Sports students benefit from their social and communication skills in their upcoming careers and relationships. One learns the worth of others at a young age.

Physical exercises help students freshen their thoughts & emotions. Sports also benefit kids in remaining pleasant and emotionally fit by alleviating stress and mental distress.

Promote Leadership Skills

Here’s an interesting fact: Sports activities in schools can help children develop leadership qualities.

Because many top jobs in business demand leadership characteristics, being a captain educates a student on how to be a strong leader.

Considering that they must lead the team will improve their leadership abilities, allowing them to make better decisions. As leaders, their responsibility is not only to lead the team but also to encourage and appreciate the players.

Better Academic Performance

Regular exercise causes the hippocampus to grow in size. In the brain, the hippocampus is in charge of memory. Its increase leads to brain strength and improves a learner's cognitive capacities and recollection, resulting in higher performance.

Furthermore, exercise boosts blood and oxygen flow in the brain, boosting its functionality. Because the mind is the basis of all cognitive skills, exercise provides it with an appropriate environment to perform as expected.

Enhances Teamwork

To have a good game, students must cooperate to win. 

In a football game, for example, a defender must collaborate with a striker to guarantee they score a goal and do not lose the game to their competitors. 

Sports activities in Dubai & Sharjah schools teach students the value of working as part of a team to achieve success. This enables individuals to be better team players in academic settings as well as later in their careers.

If you’re looking for a holistic school curriculum that includes sports activities and games for children, BEAM schools offer the best physical education and organized team games to students where they undergo critical development. 

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Sports activities in schools are a great way for kids to unwind and let off steam after a hard academic routine. The above-mentioned factors will help you understand that sports activities should be widely promoted in Dubai & Sharjah schools to keep students engaged, active and healthy. 

BEAM schools promote an integrated learning environment focusing on academic excellence and physical education while adopting a structured curriculum that fosters overall development in students.

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