Questions Parents Should Ask Before Applying For School Admissions In Dubai

Worried about how to enroll your child in a school in Dubai? 

Are you confused about the factors to consider during school admission?

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Searching for the right school in Dubai can be a daunting and overwhelming task without proper guidance and instructions. There are major factors to consider, such as the school location, curriculum, facilities, budget, etc.

Parents should be aware of the values and morals set by the chosen school. Moreover, all the requirements and necessities should be carefully considered and evaluated as your final decision determines your child’s future.

In this blog, we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask before enrolling your child in a school in Dubai.

Common School Admission Process in Dubai

School admissions in the UAE involve multiple procedures and assessments. Most schools offer campus tours that can be either in-person or virtual.

Admission timelines can vary from school to school. Therefore, it is often advised to contact the shortlisted schools to understand their specific application procedures.

Make sure you understand the documents needed though there might be slight variations in the number among schools. Other important steps involve assessments and placement offers.


Questions to ask before enrolling your child

How future-ready is the school?

It is crucial to understand the school’s vision and morals that should ideally help students to be ready for the changes and challenges in the future.

With new career opportunities and study fields coming up, children should be prepared for the challenges ahead. Therefore, while choosing a school, you should look for programs adopted by the school to ensure the overall development of a child.

How important are school tours?

Guided campus tours can help you find the right school and what it offers to the students. Attending a school tour will give you an opportunity to try out the entire learning environment offered, including assessing school facilities and meeting staff members.

School tours will also allow you to assess the physical environment, including the hygiene maintained and sanitation facilities offered to the students.

What are the ways by which children are assessed?

Academics are important, but it’s not everything!

There are several ways to assess a child’s progress and talent, besides the parameter of academics. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the chosen school provides a holistic education that gives equal importance to academic and non-academic programs.

Extra-curricular activities should be offered along with value education in emotional intelligence, mental health, group learning, and more.

How to choose the right curriculum?

With more than 200 nationalities currently settled in the UAE, schools offer a wide variety of curricula and languages. The popular options include British, American, and International Baccalaureate.

Your choice of the curriculum should enable your child to sequentially follow the programs without any hindrances. The selection of curriculum can depend on your shortlisted schools, need for higher education, and a holistic approach to learning and personality development.

How is technology used in the school?

smartboards, tablets, computer labs, and other digital tools that schools use for classroom teaching.

Make sure your chosen school utilizes digital aides and multimedia tools to facilitate a better teaching environment where students enjoy what they are learning.

What are the safety parameters adopted by the school?

Ensure you ask if there is an integrated security system in the school. Enquire about the surveillance facilities in corridors, cafeterias, and libraries. 

Also, make sure that the school bus drivers and security guards are experienced and properly trained

Selecting a school for your child is crucial to ensure that their future is productive and bright. Asking the above questions can help you make an informed decision on selecting the right school.

In addition to the questions, we’ve outlined, you can also ask other queries that you are concerned about, which you feel would make you assess other options. Remember, this is your opportunity to interview the school your child is getting enrolled in.

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