Safety Rules For Kids At School: Guidelines for Parents in the UAE

Worried about keeping your child safe at school? Are you confused about what safety rules to follow?

One of the major challenging aspects of being a parent is that you can’t be around your child in every circumstance. Therefore, you entrust your child’s safety and care to teachers and staff at school. Still, many parents fear unwanted incidents at school premises or in school transport.

Though it is the responsibility of schools to provide a safe and nurturing environment to the students, parents need to teach their children safety rules that must be followed at school.

In this blog, we have compiled safety rules for children that they should follow at school so that they’ll be capable of protecting themselves as best as they can.

Common Safety Rules Followed By The School

Schools should apply safety rules to all parts of the school, including the corridors, playground, and other places with student traffic. Besides educating your child on safety rules, it is equally important to ensure that your child’s school follows adequate safety measures.

Some of the safety rules that schools must follow:

  • Camera surveillance on the campus
  • Safe bus transport
  • Adequate medical facilities
  • Visitor management systems
  • Background checks on teachers and school staff

Parents must also assess the structure of the school building and the fire safety measures adopted. Moreover, they should also check whether the school adheres to an anti-bullying policy and student health precautions.

Safety Rules to Protect Your Child At School

Be Aware of Regular Covid-19 Updates

Classes for the academic year 2021-2022 have started with many questions: Is the school safe to reopen? What kind of safety measures are taken by the school against Covid-19? What happens if the teacher gets affected by the virus?

While decisions have to be made by the school authorities, you can keep yourself updated and prepare your child to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation

Help Your Child Memorize Contact Details

Always ensure your child remembers their full name, home address, parents’ names, and emergency phone numbers to reach out to. 

It is also essential to make your child memorize a backup phone number, like that of an uncle or aunt, in case the primary phone numbers aren’t responding.

Also, caution your child against sharing his contact information with strangers under any circumstances.

Never Go Beyond The School Premises

Leaving the school premises unattended can be dangerous and unsafe for the kids. Therefore, it is important to strictly warn your child against wandering outside the school campus.

Children often leave the school premises while playing. This can be avoided if they ask their teachers for help if they need something from outside

Advise Not To Tolerate Bullying

Teach your children to advocate for themselves when they get bullied. Suffering silently is never an answer, and if the bullying continues, they should be taught to approach a school authority for help.

Also, advise your children to respect the other students despite their differences, so they don’t become bullies themselves.

Get Medical Help Whenever Needed

Since the pandemic has not left entirely, it is always safe to teach your children to maintain adequate hygiene and social distancing. In such a situation, with schools reopening, the chances of children getting ill are higher.

Ask your child to report to the medical room in the school when feeling sick. Also, advise your child not to ignore any signs of discomfort or illness while in school.

Always Encourage Open Conversations With Your Child

Establishing a good rapport and communication with your child builds mutual trust and understanding. It is important to focus on creating a safe and loving environment at home that stresses honest conversations.

Praise your child’s achievements and get more emotional responses, so they’ll share their dreams, fears, and concerns with you.  

Though being around your child all the time is tough, you can teach them valuable lessons that’ll make them feel safe and secure in any environment. Following the above school safety rules will ensure parents and children enjoy their back-to-school experiences. 

You might not be able to be there in person to make sure of your child’s safety and care. But you can always empower them to be conscious of their health and safety at school.

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