Successful Partnerships Between Parents and the American School of Creative Science

The goal for every teacher, every faculty member and the administration of the school is your child’s complete well-being. That is every parent’s goal as well. Often, this can get lost in the back and forth between schools and parents. If schools and parents are working together, the education of their students could be even more effective.

The most important rule of thumb is to open the lines of communication between teachers and parents. Children display their academic capabilities as well as social interactions at school. At home, they are playing, eating, and leaving the house to go out. If the two worlds were combined, it would create an even more complete picture of a child. This would allow the teachers to be even more sensitive to the child’s specific issues, and the parents to be aware of what areas of concern need to be dealt with at home.

Of course, this communication depends on the openness of the parents and the full cooperation of the teachers. What does one do when teachers and parents run into problems, which can happen even at the best American curriculum schools in Dubai? Teachers may find they want to discuss a child’s academic or behavioral improvement with his or her parents only to find that the parents are confused or worried about the teacher’s call for a meeting. Sometimes, parents will take such a meeting as an insult to their parenting style. Conversely, a stubborn teacher may refuse to discuss her students’ lives altogether. In cases like these, it’s important to be clear about your expectations. Explain to your child’s teacher (or your student’s parents) that the solutions to the current issues can only be reached if everyone works together. Do your best to keep your tone non-confrontational.

Build your relationship with your child’s teacher early in the school year so that you can be kept in the loop year-round. Don’t wait to get a report card or a notification for a parent-teacher conference. Make sure that the teachers have your child’s history – likes and dislikes, problem areas, and skills. It’s important not to wait for a teacher to tell you if your child is having problems at school. If you feel that they are exhibiting problems at home or there are other happenings that may affect their behavior, and this behavior could affect their schoolwork, let their teachers know.

In the end, show your appreciation. Teachers work hard to keep every child comfortable in the school environment and to cater to all their individual needs. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Having your child show their gratitude as well can be nice gesture as well. After all, you choose the leader of the best American curriculum schools in Dubai because of the superbly qualified teachers, but they can’t do their jobs without you, the parents.

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