Taking (and Creating) the Best in International Education at Beam

Experimenting. Disrupting. Innovating. We’re used to hearing these terms used to describe the latest technology or business platform, but they also apply to educational settings. Leading educational institutions across the globe are embracing new technological tools and resources, as well as different teaching methods and subjects, to help their students prepare for the future.

At Beam, we also believe that part of creating the ideal learning environment for our students includes incorporating new approaches and technology that build a solid foundation for growth and development. Because learning shouldn’t be confined to the classroom, we offer exciting on-site educational options that complement our academic curriculum. For example, at International School of Creative Science (Nad Al Sheba), our sensory room helps students who need a focused sensory setting for therapeutic or educational purposes. At American School of Creative Science (Maliha Road), middle and high school students can learn about botany and grow their own food or flowers in the open green space.

Our students live in an international world, which means we are committed to providing up-to-date academic setting that also nurtures them intellectually, morally, and holistically. Following the trend among many US-based education leaders, each Beam school has an innovation kitchen lab where students have the chance to learn hands-on culinary skills and develop their knowledge of healthy eating. We’ve also created state-of-the-art ICT labs on every campus so that students are comfortable each new technological development. That’s also why offer coding classes at several of our schools as well as online educational portals for both students and parents.

Of course, we don’t just follow international education trends – we also take the lead, especially for combining Western academic standards with Islamic values. Our schools have dedicated Quran classrooms and prayer halls that encourage students to incorporate their cultural and religious heritage into their daily lives. We also encourage students to participate in Quran memorization competitions alongside spelling bee and math tournaments to reinforce a well-rounded approach to academics and personal enrichment.

By combining international best practices with our Islamic heritage, we’ve created an education environment that is as innovative as it is inspiring.

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