The Undeniable Benefits of Technology in Classroom

Improved Bond Between Students and Teachers

Technology in classroom provide an amazing opportunity to both students and teachers to interact with each other outside the classroom. 

Teachers often make groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram to interact with their students. Not only this strengthens the student-teacher relationships but also provides an additional support environment to students, especially the introverts who are hesitant to communicate in physical classes, to ask questions and work on their weak areas. 

While some teachers prefer chat groups, others adopt a more professional approach and provide their Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email addresses to provide students a means of contact for assistance with lectures and assignments. 

Some teachers create surveys through google forms to get feedback from students on their online classes. They use this feedback to review and improve their online teaching methodologies.  

Improved Student Engagement

Technology in classroom, no doubt, increases student engagement. How? 
Students already consume technology for their personal and entertainment use. Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok are just a few popular examples of technology amongst students. 
Teachers can leverage technology in classroom to make lectures more relatable and fun. For instance, after the completion of lecture, the teachers can discuss about the video going viral on TikTok or the clip ranking on 1st on Youtube to encourage engagement amongst students. 
Moreover, teachers can use music, video, podcasts, and other mediums to make their lectures less boring, and more interactive. 

Encouraging Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork is a significant skill and leveraging technology in classroom can help students improve this skill. 
Making class notes via Google Docs, completing WebQuests, or creating a classroom wiki page together are just some of useful technological ways students can use to make their teamworking and collaborating skills stronger. 
Some teacher also implements gamified learning activities where they ask students to communicate and collaborate with their class mates to conduct research and prepare a report. This provides a great opportunity to students to brush up their teamwork and collaboration skills. 

Additional Support To Students

Most students lag in some subject or the other. While some students find math interesting, others find it boring. 

Through instructional technology revolution, it has become possible for teachers to provide undivided attention to weak students and help them work on weak areas and overcome their academic challenges. 


Technology in classroom has increased productivity amongst teachers as well as students. 
Instead of writing on blackboards and whiteboards, teachers now use PowerPoint slides. This not only saves time but also make lectures more interactive and interesting. 
Teachers can maintain calendars online and inform students about class cancellations, assignments through the learning management system. 
Similarly, students can use technology to make online notes for the lectures. 
Instead of carrying heavy books with a fear to lose them, students can carry and access all the essential material for the class in their smartphones. 

Future Focus

We all know that technology is not going anywhere in the next few decades. Its impact is only going to double in the upcoming years. 

Students will require strong technological skills to excel in whatever job or career they pursue after the school. 

Leveraging technology in classroom right now is going to make their lives easier. Having a mindset to use new technology can make a difference in a student's future. 

That’s why its important for both students as well as teachers to leverage technology in classroom.

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