What do Children Learn In American Kindergarten Curriculum: A Guide For Parents

Is it time to send your little one to kindergarten?

Are you wondering what your child learns in a typical American kindergarten curriculum?

You’re at the right place!

Parents often neglect the kindergarten stage, which is significant for a child’s holistic development. Being the official time period of a child’s formal education, kindergarten is a crucial step in their academic journey.

The kindergarten curriculum is typically framed for children of age two and above. As this phase of education is a transition from home to school, the curriculum necessarily includes programs that prepare them for higher education.

Though it is difficult to send away your child for the first time, it is your responsibility as parents to ensure the best learning experience enriched by a quality American kindergarten curriculum in the UAE.

In this blog, we discuss important learning milestones children acquire throughout kindergarten

What Makes A Good Kindergarten Curriculum?

An ideal kindergarten curriculum focuses on the developmental needs of the students. Children at the kindergarten stage require active learning that nourishes various skills.

These skills include physical awareness, emotional intelligence, cognition, intellect, societal understanding, and semantics.

We’ve listed a few qualities of a good kindergarten curriculum that’ll help you choose the right curriculum for your child:

  • Adherence to the interest and abilities of the children
  • Learning strategies and group activities for overall development
  • Regular assessments to understand when a child needs support
  • Separate lesson plans for developing communicative skills
  • teaching strategies
  • Quality learning materials to develop reading and writing skills

What Does Your Child Learn in American Kindergarten Curriculum? 

Language And Arts

The basic foundation of letters and sounds is laid during kindergarten years. Children will identify names, write all letters of the alphabet, and know the right sound for each letter.

The kindergarten English curriculum is framed in a way that nurtures the reading skills of the children. It suggests books and learning materials that provide rhyming words and fun speaking activities.

To develop writing skills, teachers take the help of crayons and pencils to make the kids simple sentences and words about their day.

Math And Counting

In kindergarten, children are taught to identify, write, and count things up to 30. They will also learn how to add and subtract small numbers.

According to the American kindergarten curriculum, children are also given basic lessons in operations, algebraic thinking, and geometry.

Science Lessons

Children are naturally curious, and this trait is often taken as an advantage to teach them science.

American kindergarten curriculum focuses on plants, animals, senses, body anatomy, weather, etc. Kids learn the primary life cycles of frogs and butterflies, different parts of flowers, body senses, and the water cycle.

Early science lessons are an essential part of the kindergarten curriculum, allowing kids to learn and enjoy the basics of the natural world.

Personal And Social Skills

Kids will learn positive attitudes, personal awareness, critical thinking, and healthy living in kindergarten.

American kindergarten curriculum has included physical activities and health lessons to develop motor skills and awareness. Many classroom sessions are designed to develop social skills that teach collaboration and responsibility.

Teachers also help children express their thoughts and feelings through open and trusted communications, thereby supporting their emotional development. 

Creative Skills

Creativity in kids can be developed from a very young age. Kindergarten is the perfect place to let your children explore and enhance their creative skills.

They are given ample opportunities to draw and paint whatever they like in the classroom, under the supervision of experienced teachers. Kids are also taught how to solve puzzles, cut and paste figures, build block castles and play with dough.

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A typical American kindergarten curriculum has been specially designed for the overall development of children, starting from a very young age. 

The above-mentioned skills and lessons are commonly included in an American curriculum for kindergarten. These life skills will open learning opportunities for your child where they are encouraged to follow their dreams.

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