What It’s Really Like to Live and Learn in Dubai, Home of the Leading American and British Curriculum Schools in UAE

Many people see Dubai as one of the entertainment capitals of the world. As a popular tourist destination, it attracts people from every country. With its endless number of restaurants, attractions, and malls, it might not be the first place you think of when looking for good schools. However, if there is one thing we know about Dubai, it’s that it’s more than what it seems. Under the veneer of a modern metropolitan city and its towering skyscrapers is a rich tapestry of tradition and culture. Couple this with a diverse expatriate population and you get one of the most sought-after cities for the best that work and life have to offer.

Dubai residents have a higher quality of life and consistently rank the city as one of the safest in the world. The government has also made a concerted effort to provide superior quality schools, and healthcare. Plus, the range of activities and experiences available to residents can make life a whole lot more enjoyable. Though the city certainly has a lot to offer, some people choose to live in the Emirate of Sharjah and commute daily to their Dubai-based jobs. That can make rush hour a bit of a slough, but once you work out the traffic timings or commit yourself to using the excellent public transportation system, you’ll be moving about with ease.

Dubai’s diverse population also means that its education sector offers many different options. There are schools teaching curriculums from all over the world to students from just about everywhere. Still, with so many options available, the schools offering the British curriculum in Dubai remain popular. There is also increasing demand for entrance to the best American curriculum schools in Dubai. This, along with the city’s dedication to advancement and modernity, produces an assortment of excellent schools from which parents can choose. Yet students have just as much to learn in the city as they do in the classroom, which is full of amazing feats of architecture, engineering, and art. Dubai’s students are prepared for life, both in their local communities and in the rest of the world.

There are also many higher education options in Dubai. The city has become a popular destination for corporations and startups, both of which present many work opportunities for a university graduate. The city has worked on creating educational hubs such a Knowledge Park, where universities from foreign countries have opened campuses. There are now many universities in Dubai offering a range of academic options. When the affordability is combined with the city’s myriad of entertainment options, university students will find these options enticing, especially compared to more expensive educational hubs like the US or the UK.

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