What Makes a Successful UAE Secondary School

BEAM has a decade of experience in helping schools be their very best. We understand that along with modern education, schools need valuable resources like teacher training and strategies for student engagement. The schools managed by BEAM are some of the most popular in the UAE, due to our unique approach to education.

Students are a priority for every school, but for secondary schools, this is especially true. This is because secondary schools have the difficult task of preparing students for postsecondary education as well as guiding them in choosing a path for their professional lives. Having managed secondary schools for so many years, we have come to understand what it takes to run a truly effective UAE secondary school.

There is no doubt that teachers and school staff have a large part to play in the success of a school and its students. They must be educators, mentors, and counselors to students. That is why BEAM offers professional development programs for the educators and non-teaching staff working in its schools. This ensures that they are prepared to tackle whatever they may face in the modern day classroom. Aside from becoming better at meeting the demands of classroom technology, they will also learn to be better at dealing with the needs of students and parents, by providing career guidance or taking part in parent-teacher meetings. To ensure that we are running one of the best UAE secondary schools, the environment of our schools is one of collaboration and communication. Teachers and staff are always available to discuss a student’s issues or academic progress with his or her parents. Parents are encouraged to participate in school activities and programs. We operate on the principle that students do best when they feel supported and are fully engaged with the school.

Although the management of a school is no easy feat, our approach to secondary education is a simple one. We choose to embrace contemporary Western education, taught with the use of the latest technology. Along with this focus on the most modern teaching, our students are given a solid understanding of the Islamic and cultural values that give the rest of their learning context and provide them with perspective. Our goal is to produce graduates with a firm knowledge of their ethical duty as global citizens, as lifelong learners, and as the next generation of innovators and thinkers.

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