Why choosing the UK Curriculum at the leading British curriculum school in Dubai could be the best choice for your child

With so many options available to your child, deciding what kind of school to choose can be a confusing and frustrating process. There are many types of curricula available now, with even more teaching styles to choose to match. Let us simplify the process. At the International School of Creative Science - Nad Al Sheba, we use the UK curriculum to give your child the most complete high-quality education available. With an emphasis on modern subjects, like science and technology, as well as an environment that respects traditional moral values, we make sure that your child is well-prepared for the outside world and remain aware of their culture.

We use the UK curriculum to help develop a child’s self-confidence and offer a balanced approach to learning. Instead of becoming used to passive learning, students are encouraged to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. With this active approach, they also learn the values and morality of their culture and are continuously challenged to problem-solving using their critical thinking skills.

Within British curriculum schools in UAE, there is an understanding that learning is not limited to the classroom. Students are given freedom to experiment and gain experience to in order to acquire knowledge on their own. We believe students should be enthusiastic participants in their own education – that’s why we’re the leading British curriculum school in Dubai. The home also plays a part in making sure the student is learning and doing well. Parents are encouraged to become co-educators with their child and remain in close contact with the school so that they have an active part in their child’s education and growth.

The UK curriculum also aims to produce empathetic and conscientious members of society by developing of child’s awareness of themselves, their environment, and others around them. We aim to achieve these goals by fostering positive attitudes towards learning that last long after your child has graduated from the halls of International School of Creative Science - Nad Al Sheba.

We meet these objectives by developing your child’s understanding of other cultures and people, as well as their own. This respectful and friendly environment fosters a healthy learning community for your child, along with a focus on age-appropriate discipline.

All work at the school is at or above international standards because our dedicated teachers use world-class methodology to deliver the UK curriculum to their students. Children are encouraged to be self-aware and confident so that they can become independent learners. “Purposeful Play” strategies with young students in the developmental stage help build solid foundations. Finally, our state-of-the-art campus is ideal for students to maximize their learning potential.

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