Parents & Students Testimonials

At BEAM’s Creative Science Schools, parent and student satisfaction is paramount, as their feedback is a measure of our commitment to delivering on our Mission, Vision, and Ethos.

Dr Abdullah Al Karam

Chairman and Director General, KHDA

Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Keshta

Staff, ISCS Muwaileh

This is my third year with ASCS and counting. My loyalty to the school grows with every term. I am a parent who always emails and has tons of questions and suggestions, and the school has consistently and patiently listened and taken action where necessary. My favorite thing about ASCS is walking to collect my son and recognizing parents and teachers, and there is always a friendly ‘Salam’. I know this sounds simple but receiving a friendly smile and recognizing me and my son means a lot to me! It gives me a sense of security and family. In the end, my son is growing up with this school, and knowing he is in safe hands is all I can ask for.

Layla AlSuwaidi

Parent, ASCS Nad Al Sheba

The International School of Creative Science was my first choice when it came to choosing a bespoke school for my daughter. It enriches in our children the great values of Islam alongside high-quality education in both English and Arabic equally.

It has been a happy place that my daughter can call home away from home. Where she can feel safe, make friends and flourish. The education system adopted by the school is by far one of the best I have seen. They focus on each child’s developmental needs and work with them to achieve them. I have noticed a great improvement in my daughter's confidence in herself, her speaking, and her writing skills. I owe this all to the distinguished teachers and staff at ISCS.

Rafia Bin Byat

Parent, ISCS Muwaileh

The reason I like my school is that we are involved in many activities such as Student Council, projects, experiments, and many more. The activities are so much fun, and they help us learn in a fun and easier way.

The second reason why I like my school is the teachers educate us in an easier way and which we understand; for example, they use WAGOLLS, they plan activities that show us easy techniques on how to solve a problem and then give us application tasks to challenge ourselves.

My last reason is how the school takes care of our well-being through well-being lessons, and teachers educate us on how to cope with our problems and we can talk to teachers and the principal without them judging us.

Sonia Sakhr Nwaf Awaysheh

Student, ASCS Nad Al Sheba

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