Schools Achievements

Schools Achievements

ASCS Nad Al Sheba, awarded School With The Highest Attainment award for Arabic as a first language, by A.B.T., the international benchmark test for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Jun 2022.

ISCS Muwaileh, nominated for a School Excellence Award, organized by the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, March 2022

ASCS Maliha Road, School of the Month, SPEA, Nov 2021

ASCS NAS, Finalist for Top Schools Award, Best Arabic Blended Curriculum,, Nov 2021

ISCS Muwaileh, Child-Friendly School, SPEA, Jun 2021

ISCS Nad Al Sheba, Outstanding in Health & Safety by the KHDA.

ISCS Muwaileh, awarded the Sharjah Award for Excellence in Education, with accolades for Distinguished School in UAE and Distinguished Teacher in Sharjah, SEC.

Awarded by the Sharjah Noble Quran & Sunnah Est. for efforts in motivating students to memorize the Holy Quran.

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