About BEAM

BEAM: Building on a Legacy of more than 20 Years

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International (BEAM) is a holistic education entity with longstanding experience in developing successful educational institutions and implementing advanced educational management and training systems in the UAE.

BEAM is most widely known for its excellence in operating the Creative Science Schools across the UAE. This includes the International Schools of Creative Science (ISCS) and the American Schools of Creative Science (ASCS) with a combined enrollment of over 11,000 students. A high-quality education combining international curricula with strong Arabic language programs in a faith-based learning environment is designed to instill traditional moral values, ethos, and academic excellence.

As a diverse educational international organization, BEAM is committed to a continuous improvement process that clearly reflects the unique issues and characteristics of each school community, including the unique needs of excellence rooted in faith and Arabic-English curricula.

As an organization, we utilize local and international expertise in our modifications and improvement planning that are focused on students' performance.

BEAM is committed to students' success by providing learning experiences to be global and digital citizens. At BEAM schools, we focus on specific goals and strategies for change to improve student achievement levels by enhancing several key elements such as, the way curriculum is delivered, by creating a positive environment for learning, and by increasing the degree to which parents are involved in their children’s learning at school and in the home.

BEAM educators and leaders are committed to helping every learner develop as a whole person, fulfill his or her potential and help shape a shared future built on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the world.

Our Vision

Lighting the way to excellence, rooted in faith, cultivating life-long learners and global citizens equipped with a moral compass.

Our Mission

To ignite a passion for learning, by creating an inclusive community which fosters virtues, innovation, and best practices, focused on achieving successful outcomes for all our students.

Our Values


ISCS- Muwaileh

British curriculum
Pre-K / FS 1 to Grade 13 with a full capacity of more than 4,500 students.


ASCS- Maliha Road

American Curriculum
Pre-K to G12 with a full capacity of more than 4,800 students.


ASCS- Al Layyah

American Curriculum
Pre-K to Grade 8 with a full capacity of 2,500 students.


ISCS - Nad Al Sheba

British Curriculum
FS1 to Y13 with a full capacity of 3,600 students.


ASCS - Nad Al Sheba

American Curriculum
Pre-K to G10 with a full capacity of 2,400 students.

Inclusion at our Schools

Our schools and staff believe passionately in the importance of inclusion for all our children and adults; we strive to make sure these values are at the heart of our inclusion practices and Islamic ethos. We are strongly committed to becoming fully inclusive schools. We set high expectations and ambitions for all our children and expect them to participate in every part of school life, with a key focus on their wellbeing and progress.

BEAM Creative Science Schools promote an inclusive ethos that aims to support children by removing barriers to their inclusion, whether for individuals or groups of children. We respond to a spectrum of diverse needs by setting suitable challenges that are best placed to bring out the full potential from our children. Every member of staff shares the responsibility and ownership to remove barriers to learning for all students, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, special needs, attainment and background.

Health & Safety

BEAM Creative Science Schools emphasize on the protection of students as a core principle, which stems from the moral obligation, and to safeguard them from abuse or harm and to ensure their security and welfare, as required pursuant to applicable laws in force in the UAE.

Outstanding schools in Health and Safety as we are committed to continued advancement of safe schools’ culture with strong policies and programs of personal safety, accident and injury prevention, wellness promotion, and compliance with applicable environmental and health and safety laws and regulations.

In our efforts to continue to nurture the success of all students by developing, advocating, and sustaining an academically rigorous, positive, and safe school climate for all stakeholders, we takes responsibility for the school strategic plan and the continuous improvement of their health, safety and security of all services, particularly in relation to the quality of safe learning communities conducive to teaching and learning.

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