General Manager’s Message

General Manager’s Message

Dear Families and Staff,

On behalf of the community, locally and internationally, I welcome all families and staff to BEAM Creative Science Schools. It is amazing how quickly our schools have adjusted to change. Our staff is making fantastic steps in educating our students in partnership with parents and the community. I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with many inspectors, reviewers, many parents, and community members as they all highlight the nurturing supportive and outstanding safe learning communities we create for learners.

Our students receive international UK and US education without impacting their own cultural values, and traits. We treasure the fact that every learner at our schools have their own perspectives, unique skills and most importantly, interests.

All our teachers and leaders possess high quality pedagogy and most importantly, they care about their students. We constantly evaluate learning expectations for students through the annual review of curricula and systems in place that look at how students are doing, what they are learning and what they need to achieve. This includes a deep dive into staff conceptual understanding, competence, and capacity to provide the right learning to students.

We continue to build a strong foundation based on great teachers and staff, a supportive Schools Governing Boards, and partnership with universities within the community. Our unique UK, US, Ministry of Education programs, including the Qur’an program instill lifelong learning where future skills are embedded in everyday life of the students. We are preparing our students for all potential challenges they may face in their learning career. We continue to shape our schools to exemplify excellence rooted in faith.

Our schools focus on a culture of care where safe learning environments are our utmost achievements. We also enforce outstanding safeguarding procedures that are implemented throughout the schools. All our staff are trained to provide a safe haven learning environment for all learners.

We believe that all students have endless potential. BEAM schools are places to nurture their development, socially, emotionally, and academically. To do this well, we provide learning experiences and opportunities for every student – thinking, researching, self-directing, analyzing and celebrating their unique attributes.

Together with parents, students, and staff, let us build on the many achievements and accomplishments of BEAM Creative Science Schools to ensure all students are prepared for their future.

Yours Truthfully,

Shadi Hassan
General Manager

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